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When aero integration is everything

We are living in a new era, where new manufacturing capabilities are used to overcome easily new problems...

On sports, when every second counts, having the best gear tuned for its purpose is mandatory, and in this situation, using our prototyping facilities we could offer full integration and cable concealing on this aero cockpit.

This project had two challenges, install a bento box on a frame witch wasn’t intended to it and integrate it with a aero cover, streamlining air over this combo.

We took this chance to integrate Sram’s Blip box and a gps support.

Having the right tools and production facilities with the needed skills to attain each job is something important to achieve the customers expectations in terms of performance, integration and finish quality.

These are the days were custom solutions are made on demand with unthinkable quality comparing with what was achievable a few years back...

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