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[Morphis] Composites in Covid19 fight

Well this would make an awesome tittle and somehow, it is true...

Here goes our first blog!

When Covid19 knocked on Portuguese door, we started to look around where we could step in, and being used to develop composite materials products, actually gave us the abillity to overcome certain difficulties.

It all began on the 13 of March, shortage of ventilators where all over the headlines in newspappers and TV journals, we had to do something to help eatch others, and so, it was the begin of this quest, develop and produce a fully functional 3 mode ventilator for hospitals.

On 14th of March we began the build of a team of cientists, engineers, investigators, doctors and several very skilled people to tackle the [very hard] job.

Producing the first prototype took us 3 weeks from day one, the second, more robust one for testing and approval purposes was accomplished on 31st day.

Our greatest disire is that nobody would have to need to use ventilators, but, our hope is that no doctor will have to choose between two patients when it has available only one ventilator...

We do believe that the thinking strategy we have with composites has taken a major part in the way we have approached the solution for this problem.

All this gave birth to Air4all Portugal project!

You can follow our progress on:

Particular note: Not a single bit of composites has been used on this project...

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