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Oh the Olympics!

There is a new breed of (tri)athletes, who understands the need of better body positioning in the bike, and with better we say, more aero for saving energy or reaching faster to the always demanding run segment.

So we where challenged:

-Can you guys make a purpose fit ITU legal aero clip-on for one of the Portuguese athletes participating in the Olympics?

And the answer was given without thinking twice:

-Of course we can!

Work started by designing the concept, should be and aero low profile clip-on, easy entry/easy exit from aero position, and as always with stuff like this, lightweight!

The design went on, 3d printed for fit test, everything checked and mooved into production.

Mould machining done in house, and, a new part, is born after manufacturing.

A Portuguese designed, engineered, manufactured and finished product for a Portuguese contender in the Olympics, shure will give us an added reason to be proud in the comming months!

Details on the product comming very soon...

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